Wikiparques: is a community-built website dedicated to people who want to share knowledge of, explore and discuss Brazilian national parks and protected areas. Our motto is Collaborate to protect.

Amazonia Real:  A cutting-edge blog about the state of the Amazon by the world-leading expert Philip Fearnside, published in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages - click through for translations: was founded by Carol Garzon-Lopez and provides Spanish-language summaries of important research and conservation news, including selected blogs from ALERT:  


Professor Corey Bradshaw's blog Conservation Bytes is visited over 1000 times daily by conservation-interested readers. Check out his latest posts:

Transient was founded by Rhett Butler in 1999 with the mission of raising interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging local and global trends in technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development. Check out the latest articles:


The Ecological Citizen is a peer-reviewed, free-to-access journal that provides a forum for inspiring and mobilizing discussion with an Earth-centred perspective. Published online twice a year by a small team of volunteers, it has no financial affiliations and no publication charges. The journal's core aims are: to advance ecological knowledge; to champion Earth-centred action; to inspire ecocentric citizenship; to promote ecocentrism in political debates; and to nurture an ecocentric lexicon. To find out more, visit: